Friday, August 21, 2009

Queen of the quirks

So I've spent my Friday night doing dishes, laundry and picking up the house. I'm so cool! Maybe the title of the blog should have been "new-found domestication." Anyway... while I was doing all my household chores I realized that I've got a lot of quirks.
The dishes, for example... I could do five sinks full of dishes, but those two forks and spoons -- NO! I hate, hate, hate to wash silverware. There was actually one instance where I threw away my silverware and bought new. I'm ashamed to admit that not only because it is wasteful and completely ungreen but also because it is just so super silly and ridiculous.
So, with this tiny little quirk in mind, Michael and I have a deal -- I do all the dishes and he does the silverware. Glasses may have to go the way of the Michael as well I realized as I was doing the really full sink of dishes tonight (and I don't have a good excuse other than the fact that it was a great week where I was actually able to spend several of the nights doing stuff with Michael instead of home by myself. I didn't want to do the dishes!)
I'm not sure how we can dirty that many glasses with two people. And honestly it is more like just one person. Another of my quirks has me drinking out of the same glass everyday. As icky as that sounds (and as icky as it looks) it still gets washed. It is stained though from years of juice drinking. Tang and cherry limeade Crystal Light seem to leave their mark.
The glass is from Gordo's -- a Cuban restaurant in Tallahassee. It is from my trip to Tally for my Peace Corps gal's reunion three years ago.
So I drink out of that glass 99 percent of the time. How does Michael go through 20 glasses in a week? Really, how?
There are so many more quirks -- I eat one thing at a time. And even the individual things that I eat I compartmentalize. For example, take a fried egg -- I meticulously cut around the yolk and then eat the yolk. Whoppers -- I eat all the chocolate coating and then eat the malted center.
Michael constantly is confronted with these "adorable" quirks and more! But isn't that what makes us so interesting. I am far from vanilla. And while vanilla ice cream every once in a while is a nice treat, if there was only that plain old ice cream available wouldn't we be sad!
Anyway... back to folding laundry. Hope Michael's first night covering a game this time around goes well and he gets home soon.


  1. well sis we have a lot in common. corey is always going on about my ocd--just the "normal" stuff like the shower curtain has to be closed, toilet lid down, remote on top of the tv NOT just lying around somewhere, dishes a certain way in the dishwasher, etc. When I eat, hot food must be hot/warm...I don't know how he can eat cold mac and cheese, cold fishsticks...right out of the fridge, ewww! And I totally get you on the glass thing! I drink of out the same one over and over and rinse it every time so WHY is there a sinkful of glasses? I'd almost rather him drink out of the carton that do this to me!!!

  2. Eww! I'm with you! Cold fish sticks, ugh! ;)

  3. Two months with no post? You are now one of the case studies in my Blogging is Useless lecture series world tour featuring opening act, Abe Vigoda. People at each show come curious to see whether he'll appear.