Monday, July 20, 2009


So I just got back from Cracker Barrel -- delicious comfort food! I needed it. I just finished my Spanish oral exam; I finished two papers last week and have two finals ahead of me. It was a last minute decision but one I don't regret. It wasn't because the food was extra yummy (even though it was), and it wasn't because the diet coke kept coming (which it did). It was because of the wonderful company.

I'm not sure if I say this enough (or even feel it enough) but I'm very grateful. It didn't take this silly and satisfying meal for me to realize this, but that meal did remind me. And it's the little things -- a package of chewy runts -- that slam those thoughts to the forefront. Let me give you a little background:

Michael, my BFF and beaux (I am in Louisiana after all), and I went to Walgreen's after our traditional Sunday lunch at the five star fine-dining establishment Pit Grill. While there we purchased a lifetime supply of highlighters (they have them on sale for nine cents people, so GO there NOW and stock up) and packs of pens for .19. Of course the always healthy restrained couple meandered down the candy aisle. There we discovered the boxed candies three for $3, and I innocently mentioned a desire for chewy runts. There were none there; I thought nothing more of it.

Tonight when Michael met me for dinner he says, "I've got something for you." Oh yes, it was chewy runts. How flippin' sweet!

And it isn't just the runts. He loves me a lot. And he isn't one of those "I'm too tough to show it" kind of guys. He's also not one of those obnoxious over-the-top fake kind of guys either. He's "just right," right Goldilocks? Right!

I'm not nearly as good at expressing my appreciation, my love and my admiration of him. It is there, definitely, but I'm not always so good at expressing it. Yeah, I have my moments. I got him tint for his pride and joy's first-week birthday (tint for Josephine the Versa) and when we put a moratorium on Valentine's/Birthday presents that cost to help save money in the era of furloughs I made a coupon book. But it is the little things I'm not so good at.

So, I'm going to try harder. I realize that the anti-change man (aka Michael) has gone through a lot of changes recently for me. I am grateful; I am thankful; and I'm smitten!

P.S. I'm want to see Ruby and the Rockits on ABCFamily. Just wanted to put that ridiculous thought out in the blogosphere.

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  1. Wow, I just kind of realized how wonderful I am. ;)

    Love you...